All the wahala that comes with shopping online: the Konga and Mr Price Saga
If you're a bargain hunter like I am and you rarely buy things full price (unless you’re absolutely in love with the item), I’m pretty sure you love.................(Click here to read more) 

Things I Found On The Internet: Vol. 002
Hello! *Waves slowly like the socially awkward child that I am*. 
When it comes to friendships, I sometimes...........(Click here to read more)

Things I Found On The Internet Vol. 001
I regularly come across interesting content online which I want to share with friends, or on the blog however I've always found it difficult to place because ............. (Click here to read more)

Reflections: Elsewhere in Art Twenty One
As I begin the new year, I've been reflecting on past moments that really stood out for me as I navigated the cultural space in the city. One of such moments was my first visit to Art 21 last year to view ..........(Click here to read more)

The Art Of Wolof/Jollof by Folakunle Oshun: Part 2
This exhibition which I had blogged about earlier here, was truly a distinctive one for me as it was the first time I had been to an art installation with such a unique focus on food. The opening day offered a.......................(Click here to read more)

The Art Of Wolof/Jollof by Folakunle Oshun: Part 1
An unique exhibition named "Wolof Jollof" by Nigerian sculptor Folakunle Oshun opened at the National museum Onikan, Lagos this Sunday. The solo exhibition curated by Ines Valle, was an outdoor food & art (or food as art perhaps?) installation which explored the origin and migratory narrative of Jollof from its.......................(Click here to read more)

Lanvin Arpege: Vintage or Simply outdated?
I became interested in Lanvin Arpege last year when I was doing research on classic perfumes. I figured if I was going to start writing about my hobby, I might as well learn some history. Nearly every blog post I read on classic perfumes mentioned Chanel No5 and Lanvin Arpege, so I decided to try Arpege. I bought a miniature version on Ebay (miniature perfumes are so cute and you can put them in your bag to touch up during midday plus I figured if I didn’t.......................(Click here to read more)

Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire: The perfect dress in a bottle
 I'm sooo excited! After several weeks of going on a "perfume fast"(which I was forced to do because I couldn't couldn't find a perfume I liked and I didn't want to buy another bottle of my D&G's The One), I finally got a new scent. I bought La Petite Robe Noire a few days ago after smelling it on................(Click here to read more)


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