Monday, 19 August 2013

Late afternoon at La mango

A while ago, I bought a coupon from dealdey for La mango restaurant for my mum and I. I figured that since it's been such a long time we spent time together, this would be a nice family outing. I decided to search online to find reviews for the restaurant but I didn't find much. It had two and half stars on Lostinlagos and three stars on foursquare (out of five stars each), so I figured that it would be an average place. I decided to try it anyway. La mango isn't hard to find,  it's on adekunle fajuyi street off mobolaji Anthony road. When we got there, we were greeted by a lady who gave us the option of either dining indoors, outdoors or at the rooftop. I simply told her to take us wherever seemed family friendly. A waiter then took us to the rooftop. At the rooftop we met another family that was having a birthday party. We sat down and made our orders. The appetizers we got were spring rolls, samosa, and fried chicken with dipping.

sidenote: I wish they had put the dipping in a dipping bowl, like seriously its only proper!The samosa tasted like it was soaked in oil for 30 mins before it was actually fried, when it got round to being fried, it almost got burnt.

The spring rolls were a bit better according to my cousin any way because I didn't eat spring rolls. The chicken was nice, bony but nice.

 It took them almost 10 minutes to bring the starter and more than 20 mins to bring the main menu, don't get me started on how long it took them to bring dessert and the bill! Honestly they need to work on their customer service. The waiter that attended to us was very kind and attended to us well, so I'm going to blame the delay in service on kitchen staff.

Although we waited forever and a day more for the main course to arrive, when it did we were all pleased: it tasted really good! The spaghetti was sweet and savory, a bit too oily for my mum's taste but still good. The meat balls were simply great, very spicy just how I like it! The special rice however wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be I guess I had over hyped it in my mind. Also I thought that some of the pineapple flavor would be absorbed by the rice but I didn't taste any pineapple flavor. It was still okay though especially the chicken pieces that tasted like they were marinaded in a sweet sauce. By the time dessert came, we were already full and couldn't even finish our spaghetti and fried rice.

 Two words: Fan Ice. This icecream did not taste like home-made or restaurant-made ice cream. All in all, it was nice to take the family out on a budget, taking in the nice evening air. Would I go there if I had to pay full price? No. I still think it was overpriced for the quality of the food and the late(very late!) service. However, the ambience wasn't bad and it seems like a nice place to hang out with friends. Also, I didn't get to taste any of their seafood dishes and from what I read on foursquare, their catfish is pretty decent. My cousin noticed that they had a fish pond at the back so I guess trying their seafood may not be a bad idea.
Price: 4600 (2300 each for a three course meal via dealdey)
where: La Mango restaurant, 2 Adekunle Fajuyi street, off Mobolaji Bank Anthony road, Ikeja, Lagos.
Scent: Hugo Boss Man
Taste:Starter: Two fried chicken pieces, spring roll and samosa
Main course: Spaghetti and spicy sauteed meat balls or pineapple fried rice with chicken
Dessert: Vanilla icecream
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