Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Weekend in Calabar: Stay

Hi Guys!
Courtesy of a work sponsored group trip, I visited Calabar for the first time in December (P.S. work in advertising kids!). Calabar is quite popular as a local tourist destination due to the Calabar carnival and the Tinapa resort so I was excited to visit this interesting city that had somehow managed to build a thriving tourism industry in a country that isn't often at the forefront when it comes to leisure travel.

Recently, I made a resolution to stop waiting for the "perfect" moment to do/share things. I should have shared images from the trip last month but I was so determined to share all the pictures & videos I took however there was never any time to create a long ass post. So I decided "better to share something than to have a phone filled with beautiful pictures noone else will get to enjoy".

Interesting Artwork at the Margaret Expo Intl. Airport

Transcorp hotel lobby (clearly in the Christmas spirit!)

We stayed at Transcorp Hotel, Calabar. It was a really fun experience partly because we travelled as a group but also due to the comfort & professionalism of the hotel. It also wasn't far from the airport (15 - 20 minutes drive) so we were able to settle down and relax on time.

They had a nice average sized pool as well as a pool bar. We weren't allowed to take pictures at the pool but I uploaded a short video of the hotel grounds on the way to the poolside (watch video above).
Little back story; we were supposed to stay at the Tinapa Lakeside hotel however our reservations had to be cancelled at the last minute because the hotel was undergoing some renovations. Transcorp turned out to be a great choice. And their morning buffet selection was so delicious! Kudos to their kitchen staff, if there's one thing that stood out for me during my stay it was the consistency in food quality as well as the wide range of choices we had (for both breakfast and dinner).

Speaking of food, I'll be doing a separate post on some delicious meals we had during our time in Calabar. I'll also be writing on the places we visited (Things to see and do) so watch this space!


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