Wednesday, 6 September 2017

All the wahala that comes with shopping online: the Konga and Mr Price Saga

If you're a bargain hunter like I am and you rarely buy things full price (unless you’re absolutely in love with the item), I’m pretty sure you love online shopping. Shopping online allows me to compare prices and procrastinate before hitting that “pay" button (just to make sure I’ll still want the item tomorrow 😂). 

The trill of receiving a package is also another reason I love online shopping: It’s like getting a gift from "bae” aka ME 💁🏾.

Asos has been my favourite shopping site for several years. I decided to take a break from international sites because of the recent rise in custom & shipping fees which can sometimes be up to or more than the value of the order. 
A few months ago, I opted to shop locally as I wanted to get a midi dress and costume rings. This turned out to be a “wahala” (trouble) shopping experience. The two sites I tried were and Mr Price. I have friends that have worked in e-commerce and a major problem they have is ensuring that there isn't up to date information regarding availability of stock. This was the problem I faced.
After finding the costume rings I wanted, I tried to make a card payment and was told that my payment was denied. However, the money was deducted from my account 🙄. I opted for payment on delivery but the item never came. 

I then had to go to GTBank to request a reversal. The payment was never reversed, instead my Jumia wallet (an online wallet which you can top-up and pay for Jumia items from) was credited with the money which I won't be spending anytime soon because Jumia na stress
It’s safe to say that I’ll be taking a break from Jumia for a while.

Meanwhile, I bought two outfits from Mr Price and paid the delivery charge hoping to get my TWO items. Only one item was delivered. When I reached out to the customer service email, the reply was that it wasn’t available. Why didn’t you notify me before delivery though sis

E jebi, e ba ti charge mi fun nkan ti mi o gba!(Yoruba language sarcasm) 😒

I love the fit of the midi-dress from Mr Price, I think next time I’ll stick to shopping in their physical stores.
Honestly local e-commerce needs to be better in order for me to shop for local fashion online again. Have you shopped online in your country? What was your experience?

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