Monday, 22 February 2016

Things I Found On The Internet Vol. 001

Original image source: NASA commons

Elizabeth Ole is a friend of mine who is an amazing poet, content creator & film maker. She runs a lovely website where she posts her musings on travel, art, interviews with talented creatives (the cool people you follow/should follow on instagram!). She recently shared a "visual x written story", merging her poetry with amazing photography. I love how the photos go well with her words, its a well blended editorial. You can find the link here.


There's nothing I love more than finding a recipe that I'll actually try out because its easy to make (too many complicated "cordon bleu" level recipes on food blogs; you love them but you won't take time out to actually make them). This is why I was delighted when I found this easy (and quite original if I might add) Yaji/Suya curry dish by lifestyle blogger Sisi Yemmie on bella naija. I've made it twice and the whole family loves it! Click this link to the original post on her site.


I found a couple of pictures on tumblr of fasinating hairstyles worn by women in post-independent Nigeria captured by famed photographer  J.D 'Okhai Ojeikere. I don't know if its my recent transition into natural/unrelaxed hair or the cost of a good slaying weave, but I've taking a liking to braids. This may explain why I bookmarked this article. Either way, these images have a Mad Men meets Eko vibe. Currently imagining myself in a peplum dress, pointed heels and a threaded hairstyle. In fact, I just might try it one of these days!

Source: PRI

I regularly come across interesting content online which I want to share with friends, or on the blog however I've always found it difficult to place because I never quite know what title to give such a post, how it'll be structured or where on the blog such a post would be placed. This series is a solution to that (plus I personally need something to refer to when I'm gisting with someone about "this cool recipe I found" or "a photo series I think you should check). I hope this gives a brief description of what to expect and if you have anything interesting you think should be shared on this series (an instagram post, a weblink etc), please leave in the comments below.

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