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Cooking Diaries: French toast by a Nigerian

My first taste of French toast was at Transcorp hotel during the Calabar trip I went for in December 2015.
It was part of the breakfast buffet options we had during our stay and I probably had it all the time.

I remember telling my roommate/coworker B* on our last day "I don't know what they put in this bread, it tastes creamy and chewy", she then suggested I google the recipe and try it myself (can you imagine; I had been so caught up in going to the same spot and selecting the same options that I never bothered to check the name of the dish/food!). I practically forced her to try it out and she agreed it was delicious.
I took note of the name and when I got back to my room, i bookmarked the French Toast recipe I found on I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that there were different variations of French Toast including savoury flavours.
Its so easy to prepare  and I love that the main ingredients are 3 everyday items you can find in any kitchen: Bread, Milk, Egg.

1. Whisk the eggs and the milk together.
2. Cut each bread slice into 2 diagonal or rectangular shapes.
3. Lightly grease a large frying pan with butter.
4. Soak the bread slice into the egg and milk mixture.
5. Fry the soaked bread slice in the frying pan.

This is the basic foundation for any french toast recipe however I wanted to make it in a unique way. I decided to make three flavours: Honey & Cinnamon; Basil; Suya spice.
I made the suya spice from the scratch using the recipe I got from Kadirecipes. To flavor the toast, simply add the condiment to the egg and milk mixture.

Here are the pictures:


Suya spice 

Honey & Cinnamon 
My favourite was the Suya flavoured toast hands down. That nutty taste combined with the sweet creaminess of milk ehn, it was a "gustatory lituation".
I invited my family members to a tasting session however the old folks in my house picked Basil (*rolls eyes all the way to my village*). I guess at the end of the day, it's a matter of preference and any french toast is better than no french toast 😋.
On the weekend when you're less busy, why not try it and let me know what you think?

Thank you for reading.

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