Saturday, 22 July 2017

Friday at HSE Gourmet Cuisine

If you are active on Instagram and/or you read eat.drink.lagos, you've probably heard of HSE gourmet cuisine (P.S. is it HSE gourmet cuisine or HSE cafe 🤷🏾‍♀️?). I had seen several pictures of the restaurant when it launched last year, particularly its avocado, bacon and smoked cheese salad which seems to be a customer favourite (if the pictures I see online are anything to go by) and I thought it seemed like to good place to check out whenever I wanted to eat out. Fast forward to last week, I had an appointment in Lekki which took most of the day.
When I was done, I decided to check out HSE since I was in the neighborhood.
Its a quaint space, quite cute. 

They had an ipod stand and I was told you can play any song you want. I think that would be suitable for groups i.e. office groups, bridal showers etc.

I ordered:

  • The insta - famous salad
  • Chicken croquettes
  • Peach & Passion Fruit Sangria Iced Tea
I had no prior plans to order the salad but when I saw the menu, I decided to go with the safest bet. I ordered chicken croquettes because I enjoyed eating them at Bistro 7 in Victoria Island a while back. Unfortunately, HSE's croquettes had more flour than chicken 🤦🏾‍♀️. Oh least the salad and the Iced tea were lovely.

They're located at Plot 2 Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki 1, Lagos
You can also find their menu online here (which is great if you're on a budget and want to plan your restaurant spend).

BTW, I've been thinking of incorporating some healthier Nigerian meals (preferably vegetarian) into my diet, what do you guys think? Your suggestions will be much appreciated either on my instagram or in the comment section below.

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