Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#MelaninTakesParis: L'espace Dali

Ever since I found out that there was a permanent Dali exhibit in Paris, I've been eager to visit.
The visit to the L''espace Dali was both educational and epiphanous at the same time.

I learnt a lot about this fascinating master of Surrealism and discovered how honest it was that he gave a visual space to his innermost thoughts on sexuality, femininity and religion (amongst other themes that were present in his work).

I will be sharing the pictures from my visit via my Instagram @tfortope on Friday 19th October, 2017 (AKA tomorrow) so follow me to get all the fascinating images.

(Update: I'm SOOOO Sorry, unfortunately due to some work deadlines I'll be unable to share the picture until Sunday 21st October, please forgive me and see you soon 😒❤️)

I highly recommend going to the Dali exhibit for anyone visiting Paris. One thing I've discovered about art is that you don't have to be deeply versed in art history in order to enjoy and learn from many museums and galleries, particularly not this one.
And who know, maybe as you learn about the artist and his/her work, you'll discover some things about yourself too.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

#MelaninTakesParis: Cheap Eats (AKA mission impossible)

Let me just say right now: "Paris coΓ»te cher!"
Rough translation: This place is so freaking expensive, I'm not interested in flexing for the gram!

The cheapest way to eat in Paris is...........
wait for it............
In. Yo. House.

But this post isn't about the food in your house (I'll write about that later), it's about eating well and cheap in Paris. So here are three ways I have been able to cut down my food spending in Paris

1. A baguette:
A baguette is a long, slim loaf of french bread and it can be bought in any "boulangerie" i.e. bakery in France. Let me tell you, the French know how to make their bread. I've never had a wack baguette in Paris. In fact, it almost reminds me to Agege bread: jokes πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸΎ.
And guess what: the standard cost of a baguette is one euro. It's really cheap and will last you two breakfasts.

2.  Eat far away from the tourist sites 
One time when I went to the Eiffel tower, I bought a samosa and a spring roll at a nearby cafe for 2 euros. One samosa, one spring roll. Do you know how small a samosa is? Don't be like me: find places to eat far away from the tourist attractions as the eateries there are likely to inflate the prices.

3. Supermarkets anyone?
France has supermarket chains that you can find pretty much anywhere in Paris (Monoprix, Carrefour, Franprix etc). The supermarkets are well stocked and you can get a lunch/dinner there such as pre-packed salads or sandwiches for well under 6 euros. I like to buy ingredients to make my sandwiches/salads for the week and I spend about 15 euros (that's 3 euros per weekday on lunch). 

It's amazing how resourceful one can be with limited resources. All in all, Paris is a beautiful city and I am deeply appreciative of this experience.
Thank you for reading.

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