Saturday, 26 August 2017

Limitless Shades of Grey

If I thought last year was a rollercoaster, this year certainly did not give any warning regarding the twists and turns that would plague every life decision I made this year. Never the less, as they say in Lagos "the ministry is moving" and sometimes dressing up is the only thing that seems to go according to plan in my chaotic schedule.
I recently spent some time cleaning out my closet. When cleaning your closet, sometimes you find forgotten pieces you got a while ago which are still stylish today. That was the case with this Zara dress I bought last year. I love it because it is a bit off the beaten track and looks like chic overalls.

I also found a grey colored skirt which was gifted to me three years ago.
I'm not usually a "skirt person" but this grey skirt had the right amount of uniform vibe without making me look like a school girl (This is another rarely worn piece I found while cleaning my closet).

I hope you have a wonderful week, I certainly intend to.

Thank you for reading.

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