French Toast By A Nigerian
My first taste of French toast was at Transcorp hotel during the Calabar trip I went for in December 2015.It was part of the breakfast buffet options we had during our stay and I probably had it all the time.I remember telling my..................(Click here to read more)

Friday at HSE Gourmet Cuisine
If you are active on Instagram and/or you read eat.drink.lagos, you've probably heard of HSE gourmet cuisine (P.S. is it HSE gourmet cuisine or.................(Click here to read more)

Cafe Neo: Feeding and Fueling the Lagos creative scene
 Cafe Neo is a coffee shop that sells that traditional coffee fare along with pastries, sandwiches (try the spicy chicken whopper, its delicious; i don't find it particularly spicy though), juices and lemonades. They also have bubble teas which aren't quite................(Click here to read more)

Cooking diaries: Chilli con carne and rice for the student on a budget 
 Hello! Baawo! Ndewo! Hola! Aloha! Salut! Shalom! Guten tag! You know, I've been really enjoying all the recipes from the "student on a budget series" like Spaghetti Bolognese and Shepherd's pie. Its been a great way for me to enjoy quality without having to break the bank. I can use the money saved towards other things like...................(Click here to read more)

Cooking Diaries: Shepherd's pie for the student on a budget
Hello! Baawo! Ndewo! Hola! Aloha! Salut! Shalom! Guten tag! Its been a minute hasn't it? I recently got some feedback from a friend who enjoyed the blog post on Spagetti Bolognese and promised to try it(I'll definitely hold him to that promise). That positive feedback gave me the courage to.............(Click here to read more)

Cooking diaries: Spaghetti Bolognese for the student on a budget
 The first recipe I tried in the recipe booklet was Spaghetti bolognese, a meat based Italian sauce. Its a classic and you don't really need a lot of ingredients to make it. I'd made it before in Nigeria but.....................(Click here to read more)

Bournemouth diaries: Discovering new tastes
 Hello! Baawo! Ndewo! Hola! Aloha! Salut! Shalom! Guten tag! (I googled them, I'm not that cool!) I'm so glad to be back on the blogosphere, I've missed a lot! Now that I'm settling into...........(Click here to read more)

Late afternoon at La mango 
 A while ago, I bought a coupon from for La mango restaurant for my mum and I. I figured that since it's been such a long time we spent time together, this would be a nice family outing. I decided to search online to find reviews for the restaurant but I .............(Click here to read more)

Cooking Diaries: Easy peesy Lemon bread
 I love lemon. I don’t exactly know how my obsession with this citrusy fruit started but all I know is that I use lemon for everything. I use it as part of a....... (Click here to read more)

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